Our heritage


Aboriginal Heritage

To fulfil the requirements of the Development Consent, Holcim has undertaken a detailed Aboriginal Heritage investigation of the Lynwood site. This has involved liaison with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) for the required permits for the fieldwork. Local Aboriginal groups that registered an interest in the project have been closely involved with the fieldwork and subsequent reporting and monitoring.

The investigation of the site and salvage of artefacts was completed in 2009. Following this, annual site monitoring was undertaken in 2011, 2012 and 2013 by the Project’s Archaeological consultants with close involvement from Local Aboriginal Groups.

A considerable number of sites and artefacts have been found on Lynwood. Examples of some of the artefacts and finds are below.

Left: small knife and spear barbs recovered from sites within the project area.

Right: scarred tree (shield) in Cultural Heritage Management Zone.

European heritage

Part of the Old Marulan Township is located on the southern portion of the Lynwood Quarry site along the Hume Highway. As the interchange was designed to link up with South Marulan Road and Jerrara Road, part of this infrastructure was built over the footprint of the Old Marulan township.

Prior to the construction of the Hume Highway interchange at South Marulan, a detailed archaeological investigation was undertaken at the site of the Old Marulan Township. During this process many items were salvaged from the area. Details of the investigation can be found in:


Figure 2.6 from the Lynwood Quarry EIS (App.12) showing planned Hume Highway Interchange location overlaid on the site of Old Marulan Township.