Built Greener: Keeping dry towns hydrated in 2021

Improving water quality and shoring up a sustainable water supply for residents of the towns Merredin and Wallaroo in Western Australia is the driving force behind a new project that Holcim will deliver this year.


In December, our WA Concrete business began trials for an upcoming mobile project with SRG: the construction of two new 42 million litre and 32 million litre water storage tanks that will supply the Merredin and Wallaroo towns, respectively.

Holcim has been working closely with SRG and The Water Corporation over the past six months to understand their project drivers. Technical support, the highest quality product and the ability to provide a continuous large pour for the key structures were critical to the project success.

“Holcim has worked tirelessly on a bespoke offering that ties the two projects together for synergies – where standardising materials across both projects delivers technical excellence and leveraging the existing regional network handles a greater range of contingencies,” said Rebecca Reeves, General Manager, WA Concrete.

“The topic of water is a critical one for Australia, and this mobile project is a great opportunity for Holcim to support, in a small way, these remote WA communities manage their precious water supplies.”

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