Access chambers


Access chambers, maintenance shafts, or manholes all describe the same product group - a vertical shaft that connects pipes to the surface. Humes use the term access chambers to describe systems that allow worker entry, and maintenance shafts for non-worker entry systems.

Humes' precast concrete access chambers are suitable for a depth of 6m in accordance with AS4198-1994 Precast Concrete Access Chambers for Sewerage Applications. The bases are suitable for new residential and commercial developments, joining into existing pipelines, replacing existing access chambers, vacuum collection and isolation chambers, and as air valve and scour pits, overflow and discharge chambers.

Humes manufacture a range of components including precast bases, shafts, taper/squat tops, converter slabs, make up rings, covers and surrounds. Various joint types are available to meet local requirements and conditions.

Cored holes and precast benching can be placed at any angle making the system capable of accommodating all inlet configurations. The unique Humes Supabowl® conical precast base has an internal surface in the shape of an inverted cone, which provides the same hydraulic efficiency as traditional channel benched bases, but provides superior self-cleansing under surcharge conditions. This design eliminates the need for a separate benching process and greatly improves supply lead times.

We manufacture complete access chamber structures to satisfy various local codes, practices and physical site conditions.