Decorative Concrete: A fine finish

Decorative concrete has revolutionised the look and feel of what was once considered a utilitarian building material. Offering unique colours, textures and finishes, decorative concrete does as the name suggests, adding a decorative element to many concrete structures, indoors or out.


As a result, decorative concrete has risen in popularity for modern and contemporary construction projects. The options for creating with decorative concrete vary from driveways, paths and steps to polished concrete floors, benchtops, patios, swimming pool surrounds and retaining walls. The material is both durable and versatile, lending itself to residential, civil and commercial applications.

Holcim produces a signature decorative concrete range in Australia known as Geostone. Available in exposed aggregate, coloured, polished and honed finishes, Geostone combines the integrity of concrete with the beauty of natural Australian stone. The result is a building material designed to help homeowners, architects, designers and
builders create spaces that are both functional and beautiful.

Geostone’s exposed aggregate creates a visually stunning textured finish, ideal for driveways, paths and landscaping. The same product can be honed for a flat, smooth and matt surface, making it the star of alfresco dining areas, patios, pergolas and pool surrounds. Geostone can also be polished for a sleek and stylish high-shine flooring solution, or to create long-lasting lower-maintenance benchtops suitable for indoors and out.

Geostone Colours

The colours and textures of Geostone are as diverse as Australia itself. Stone is sourced from the local area of each Geostone plant to create combinations of coloured concrete and natural stone unique to the region. The stone used in Geostone is selected for its natural variations in colour, size and shape, and creates a durable, and beautiful, construction material.

Geostone Display Consultants are also available in various product display centres across Australia to help customers select a coloured concrete and stone combination to best suit their home and personal style. Customers can also view the range available in their local area using the regional selector tool on the Geostone website.

Geostone Finishes

Geostone is designed to be used in a range of finishes to complement most areas of any home, garden, landscaping or civil construction project. 

Geostone Exposed Aggregate

A skid resistant, durable finish ideal for outdoor applications such as driveways, paths and other external areas. This all-weather, highly trafficable finish will provide natural beauty for many years to come. Geostone’s Exposed Aggregate range is available in a wide range of concrete colours and stone selections with a textured finish achieved by partially exposing the stone before the concrete sets.

Polished Geostone

Achieved by grinding and polishing the surface to reveal a high-gloss finish. Polished Geostone is ideal as a flooring and benchtop solution, and offers multiple benefits including being lower maintenance and easy to clean, allergy friendly and hardwearing. It also offers a high thermal mass, helping homes stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Honed Geostone

Geostone can be honed to a smooth, matt finish by removing the top layer of concrete to reveal a natural stone surface. This results in a similar level of underfoot comfort to polished concrete, together with the practicality and hardiness of exposed concrete. You can bring the outdoors in, or the indoors out, by creating a flowing transition between internal polished concrete floors and honed concrete in alfresco, entertaining and pool areas.

Coloured Geostone

Created by adding fine-particle colour pigments at the mixing stage to achieve a full depth colour concrete that once sealed is weather and UV resistant, making it ideally suited for driveways, pathways and outdoor entertaining areas. A broom finish provides an attractive, hardwearing and textured surface while a trowel finish can create a swirl effect that is both durable and unique.

Geostone in the Spotlight

Geostone has been showcased on several Australian television programs including Better Homes and Gardens, Open Homes Australia and most recently, Love Shack. Geostone was selected for its dual capability of providing both function and style, and favoured as a landscaping material by high profile industry leaders including award-winning landscaper Dave Franklin.

Geostone has also been chosen for major residential, commercial and civil construction projects across Australia, including the Rosebud Foreshore in the Mornington Peninsula. The Geostone website also lists details of approved installers and finishers to help connect customers with service providers in their region.

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Geostone – Decorative concrete

The colours and textures of Geostone are as diverse as Australia itself – view our range of decorative concretes.